Angled Belt Loop Set

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Our injection molded Angled Belt Loops are the ultimate belt loop for many holster applications. The multiple mounting positions, mounting hole spacing, and belt size compatibility make this loop very versatile for a variety of needs.

The opening on one side is 1/2" and on the other 3/8". This allows the holster to be pulled tighter to the body than a standard box loop. When the belt is pulled tight, the holster has more room to be drawn-in to the pant line. This also gives the belt a better angle when being fed through the loops.

The taper at the ends of the clip allow the user to use a 1.5" to 2" belt without any holster stop. The bottom (towards the person) side is exactly 1.5" across so that the holster will not have any wiggle room when using a 1.5" belt. The taper lets up to a 2" belt pass through the loop, and when it is tightened, the belt will nestle into the bottom (1.5" wide) portion of the clip and curve up the tapered sides.

There are 2 pairs of 1/4" mounting holes on the bottom of the clip. The outside holes to opposite inside holes are 3/4" on center. The outside holes are 1 inch on center. This hole configuration allows the user to use the loop on either the right or left side of the holster using either the 3/4" or 1" spacing, and have the same height measurement whether being used right side or left. This also give the 3/4" on center users multiple mounting options within the clip for depth or cant adjustment.

There is a 1/4" hexagon hole centered over each pair of mounting holes. The hexagonal shape of this hole allows the user to slide a slotted 1/4" bit through it which engages the slotted post nut or slotted screw in either of the mounting holes. The bit stays in place with light pressure, without spinning, while the fastener can be tightened from the other end. This makes installing the loops to your holster much easier, and the fasteners can be tightened down further.

Hardware included.