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MC - Slimline Multi

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Our Slimline Multi mag carrier is the Slimline Double paired with the Single Rifle AR-15 for the ultimate mag carrier combo. This product features a smaller footprint than traditional mag carriers, due to its unique "bullets out" design, taking up less real estate on your belt!  These mag carriers come standard with dual MRD retention adjustments and a secondary retention screw on the front, for front to back adjustments. Mounting options include Molle-Lok, Tek-Lok, or paddle.

Mag carriers are test fitted with the actual magazine multiple times during production to ensure a perfect fit. They are created using cad drawn molds that have been "defeatured" so that they do not cause premature wear like traditional foam pressed mag carriers. This procedure also gives you a mag carrier that can be used with multiple brands of mags, saving you money and space.